Crozes Hermitage : respect de la nature et technique affutee Cave de Clairmonts

From their elders, the Cave de Clairmont vine growers inherited the Crozes-Hermitage know-how. The youngest have been trained with today’s best viticulture techniques. Every day, the vignerons share these skills and the passion they all have, uniting tradition and progress.

« When one is lucky enough to grow up on a terroir as noble as the Crozes-Hermitage terroir, when one wakes up every morning before the Vercors and Ardèche mountains great views, respect and love of nature goes without saying. This luck has to be deserved and implies duties.
The Borja family opened the way when they converted their whole vineyard in organic culture in 1998. Motivated and encouraged, nearly every Cave de Clairmont vine growers engaged in sustainable agriculture, leaving mineral fertilizer and herbicides behind. Our elders saw the plough beam and pickaxes come back ‘‘A new youth in a certain way’’.
Each vigneron progressed with their own path. Some went further, engaging in integrated viticulture; but everyone realised that an environmentally friendly agriculture was the most beautiful present they could offer to their children.”

Jean Michel Borja, Cave de Clairmont President

Like the vine growers, the Cave de Clairmont winemakers act with respect for the vines and the grapes.
Block after block, the vineyards are visited and observed; the grapes are tasted during the whole ripening process. Consequently, each terroir is harvested with an optimum ripening. The wine is made in order to express the best grape potential and to preserve its primary qualities. The Syrah red fermenters, technical for some, traditional for the others, allow a kind and soft work.
Working every day with passion, the Cave de Clairmont winemakers aim to elaborate typical wines for your pleasure. We want the red Syrah wines and the white Marsanne wines to respect the Crozes-Hermitage appellation authenticity and also the personality of each vintage.

From the very beginning of the winery, in 1973, the Cave de Clairmont has been managing its waste waters and has invested to keep rain water apart. At the time and since, the Cave de Clairmont has established its quality management system and has sought the requested measures to keep an optimum hygiene in its cellar.

Crozes Hermitage : respect de la nature et technique affutee Cave de Clairmonts
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